Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Resigned after Allegations of Consensual Terms


Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, resigned yesterday after a probe found that he has a consensual relationship with employee.

Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, lost his job as investigators found him in a consensual relationship with company’s employee. However, it is a complete violation of company’s rules and regulations.

According to company’s statement, the ongoing probe by external and internal counsel has also confirmed the violation of company’s policy. However, the policy applies on all managers. The renowned technology company named their CFO Robert Swan as the interim CEO. The management also began a hunt for the permanent CEO, including external and internal candidates.

Intel is the largest chipmaker in the United States. However, Brian Krzanich is another addition in the powerful men in politics and business who lost their jobs because of inappropriate relationships. In addition, the #MeToo movement is significantly gaining popularity in the world.


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