iOS 12: iPhone and iPad Will Get Amazing New Features


Apple revealed latest features and updates for iOS 12. However, new features will make iPhones faster and smarter.

iOS 12 is the new update from Apple. The latest features were announced at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference from Apple. Here is the review of some amazing features of iOS 12.

Protection of user’s anonymity

The Safari web browser for iPhones and MACs will save users from the tracking without their consent from online websites. However, some websites utilize share or like buttons to track the users.

Do Not Disturb and Screentime

A new feature will update users about how much time they are spending on your device. However, it assists them to reduce their addiction towards smartphone. Another feature will shut down lock screen notifications at sleep time.

Group FaceTime

This update will enable Apple gadgets to conduct FaceTime video calls. It also allows 3rd-party applications work on the Apple’s watch. However, it enhances the capabilities of Siri and other augmented reality applications.

Advancements in Siri

Siri will be filled with shortcuts. However, iOS 12 will have a new shortcut app. It will offer great suggestions and information on the basis of user’s previous interactions with the app.

Memoji and Animoji

iOS 12 will get new animated Animoji while users will also create their own called Memoji.


The Measure app will be based on the augmented reality. It enables users to measure different real world objects like frames, furniture, etc.

Smarter Photos

The Photos feature will be capable to sort more than 4 million events and even look for several search terms.

Advancements in CarPlay

3rd-party navigation and mapping apps like Waze and Google Maps will be available on CarPlay. However, it is an Apple’s in-car interface that allows using applications while driving.


Latest grouped notifications will allow users to sort notifications by applications. In addition, the latest instant tuning feature will stop specific applications from showing notifications on phone’s lock screen.


  1. In the new update of iPad and iPhone which is iOS 12 we get a new feature is face detection and its face recognition is very impressive it works in dark also.


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