iOS 13 Features Revealed: Undo Gesture, Dark Mode, Better Mail, etc


A new leak revealed the iOS 13 features. However, the new operating system by Apple is going to release this year.

iOS 13 features are now revealed. The new iOS update will be released in June during 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Just have a look at some amazing features.

Multiple Windows

Applications started in several windows will have small windows that will be attached to a part of the screen. These windows can be unpinned and moved around the screen as well. In addition, the windows can be converted into small cards and stacked above each other, similar to Android’s recent apps feature.

Simple Management of Fonts

Font management will become simple with the new iOS 13 update. A dedicated panel for fonts will be included in the settings which won’t require making a new profile to download new fonts. The old feature that notifies you about the missing fonts when you open a document will stay though.

Dark mode

iPhones and iPads alike will get a system-wide dark mode that can be activated via the settings. This dark mode comes with a high contrast mode as well, which has been a consistent feature in MacOS. iPad applications being run via Marzipan on any Mac system will also be able to avail the feature.

Upgraded E-Mail Application

The default email application will be upgraded as well. Emails will be sorted into multiple categories including business, not important, etc. There will be a “read later” queue too. Moreover, the user will be able to search through the emails via keywords.

Undo Gesture

This update will help users undo and redo stuff directly from the keyboard. Swiping 3 fingers on the left will undo the task and swiping 3 fingers on the right will redo it. Once the new update is installed, a tutorial will come your way showing you the right way to use the undo and redo feature.

Other Gestures

Among other new iOS 13 features, new gestures will let users select multiple things using more than one fingers. In addition, Siri will have better noise cancellation, allowing the assistant to pick up individual words better.


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