Jérôme Hamon Got Third Face After Two Face Transplant


Jérôme Hamon became the first person who received two face transplant.

Jérôme Hamon had his initially transplanted confront evacuated a year ago after indications of dismissal following a treatment with an inconsistent anti-toxin amid a cool.

The 43-year-old stayed in a doctor’s facility in Paris without a face for two months.  However, hospital management consistently searched for the suitable donor.

Mr. Hamon experiences neurofibromatosis write 1, a hereditary condition that caused extreme deforming tumors all over.

His first transplant, in 2010, was a win, yet he came down with a typical bug in 2015 and was given anti-toxins. The medication was contrary to the immunosuppressive treatment he was preventing a dismissal of the transplanted material.

Mr. Hamon lived without a face in a room at Georges-Pompidou doctor’s facility in Paris without having the capacity to see, talk or hear until January, when a face benefactor was found and the second transplant did.

Face Transplant Was Great

His new face stays smooth and still, and his skull, skin, and highlights are yet to be completely adjusted. Be that as it may, he is sure about his recuperation.

Hamon said that he still not believes that this miracle is happened to him. He further added that it is a great experience for him and also for the doctors and hospital management.

Hamon expressed his feelings and said that he is feeling more younger. He added that his age is 43 while donor is 22.

The hours-long task was driven by Prof Laurent Lantieri, an authority close by and confront transplants who did Mr. Hamon’s underlying surgery eight years prior. He said that now we realized that a twofold transplant is attainable. In addition, it is no longer in the field of research.

Anesthetist Bernard Cholley said that any individual who loses their face and afterward needs to sit tight for a speculative transplant for an obscure timeframe – that is something that nobody has ever needed to experience here. He further added that he is astounded by the valor of a patient who has possessed the capacity to overcome such an experience.


  1. I am all really surprised after reading this article. Science and technology has definately taken over the world. Getting the third face is simply wow!


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