Japan astronaut dreams of life on Mars after discovery of lake


Japanese space explorer Norishige Kanai returned to earth a month ago yet is as yet longing for space, particularly after the discovery of an underground lake brings mankind one bit nearer to disentangling the secret of life on Mars.

International astronomers announced Wednesday they had detected the largest body of liquid water ever found on the Red Planet, a breakthrough that may hold clues to whether life has ever formed on Mars — or even exists today.

“I was so excited about the news,” the 41-year-old doctor told AFP in an interview on Friday, calling it “a major discovery that inspires dreams”.

Kanai, who spent 168 days on the International Space Station, is firmly convinced that we’re not alone in the universe and there is life out there. “I believe there is,” he said. “In the vast universe, anything could be possible.” “I have high hopes that finding extraterrestrial life forms could open a new page in learning.”

The soft-spoken spaceman, nicknamed “Nemo” for his background as a diving medical officer in Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force, blasted into space for the first time in December.


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