MIT Grad Katie Bouman is behind the first black hole picture


Yestrday, the first black hole picture was revealed. However, the algorithm was developed by the MIT Graduate Katie Bouman.

The algorithm by Katie Bouman helped scientists to took the first black hole picture. Here are some tweets by MIT about her achievement.

She gave her first interview after the ground breaking discovery of producing first-ever image of black hole, termed the achievement huge for the global comity of astronomers.

“It’s like a beginning to have another window to what the black holes can tell us about laws in physics, we have predicted that if you have a black hole then you are going to get that ring of light but we didn’t knew we are going to get that,” she said.

“As we were testing we could have just got a blob, but seeing that ring that has been of a size of ring which is consistent with other measurements is something huge”.

Katie Bouman is not an astronaut, she’s a computer scientist who took a lead on creating the algorithm that made possible to take photo of black hole that’s 55 million years away from Earth.

Imaging a black hole with telescope required the size of telescope as large as earth itself but, instead of that scientists used multiple telescopes and merged it with special algorithm which was created by MIT’s Katie Bouman and succeeded.

The first photograph of Black hole was released on Wednesday to public by Event Horizon Telescope astronomers, which is the most direct proof of Black hole’s existence.


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