NASA InSight Mars Lander Will Study Earthquakes On Mars


Tampa: NASA InSight Mars lander will research on earthquakes on the red planet.

InSight stands for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy, and Heat Transport. However, it will be the first lander on Mars since 2012. NASA InSight Mars lander will discover the mystery of formation of rocky planets. The launch is expected at around 7:00 am (11:00 GMT). The launching location will be Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. However, it would be expected to land on Mars on 26 November.

NASA researchers and scientists are much keen about the structure and formation of the Earth. However, the Mars and Earth were formed through same processes over 4 billion years ago. NASA analysts are expecting to analyze around 100 earthquakes during the entire mission. However, the mission will last for at least one Martian year or 26 Earth months. The expected intensity of earthquakes would be less than 6 on the Richter scale.


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