NASA Micro-11 Sends Human Sperm To International Space Station (ISS)


Washington: NASA Micro-11 researchers have sent samples of human sperm into space to study the possibilities of the human growth in space.

NASA Micro-11 scientists have begun to find answers to questions that were not discussed earlier: Can there be a human race in space? And how will you behave in the spontaneous atmosphere of human sperm space (micro-gravity)? These were the questions in which NASA sent human sperm into space.

The mission has been named NASA Micro-11, under which the human sperms were sent to space in the International Space Station (ISS), where vacuum nodes will study freelance and rapid movement in the space of these sperm cells which It is important to meet and feed the eggs. After this, Space Norms will redefine these sperms and then send them to the ground, where scientists will use the advanced energetic technology to evaluate all the possibilities

So far, there is a study of various spinal cereals and seafood animals living in the ocean, whereas they have been seen even after turning into heavy diseases. However, our information about human sperm and we do not know what kind of human sperm will behave in space. The purpose of NASA Micro-11 is to know that.

Scientists say, as the dream of setting up a human population in space is going to come true in reality, the research is going essential for human population needs and human nature.

Therefore, studies of sperm behavior inevitable in the space have become unavailable and NASA has sent human sperm into space to solve the elephant.


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