Ginger: Nepal’s First Robot Waiter is Now Ready to Take Orders


Ginger: Nepal’s First Robot Waiter is Now Ready to Take Orders to Hungry Customers

Nepal, which is known for its beautiful mountains including the Himalayas, is not known for its advanced technological creations. However, recently a group of self-taught inventors came forward in order to change that idea with their waiter robot.

Ginger, which is a local start-up Paaila Technology built and 1.5 metre (five-foot) tall robot, understands both Nepali and English language.

According to its creators, Ginger was named after a common ingredient in the Nepali cuisine and is functioned to even make hilarious jokes like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa to the customers.

There are currently three “Gingers” who are working at the Naulo restaurant in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

“This is our testing ground. We are fine tuning it with responses from our customers,” said Binay Raut, CEO of the company.

The team who created Ginger consists of 25 young engineers, with Raut being the oldest at the age of 27. The team has worked for months on the robot, they have welded and molded the prototype in their three-room office, according to the CEO.

Naulo has opened around four months ago, and the robot waiters drew big attention from customers of all ages.

Customers can order through a touch screen menu which is fitted into the tables, and when the required dishes are ready, Ginger is called to the kitchen to take them to the customers.

“It was a completely new experience,” said a 73-year-old Shalikram Sharma.


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