New WhatsApp update reveals how many times messages were forwarded


As per the new WhatsApp update, users can avail the most awaited feature.

The new WhatsApp update came with a feature that will assist user to see that how many times a message was forwarded.  However, it will surely help to deal with the spreading of rumors and fake news. On the other side, since last year, WhatsApp staretd to label the “forwarded” messages to reduce the misinformation within the platform. In addition, WhatsApp minimized the forwarding limit for each message to 5 recipients from 20.

In the new WhatsApp update, users will now be able to see how many times messages were forwarded after they send them. A forward icon on the message itself will reveal if messages were forwarded over 5 times since the first occasion.

On the other side, the new WhatsApp feature works for all sort of messages including images, voice notes, texts, and videos. The update has been launched worldwide and will be available to all users in a few days.


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