Norman is the First Psychopathic Artificial Intelligence from MIT


San Francisco: MIT researchers developed the first psychopathic artificial intelligence named Norman.

Norman is based on the principles of psychopathic artificial intelligence. The aim is to aware people about the development of algorithms and their potential threats to the people.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers revealed that Norman is the case study on the threats of AI went wrong when the manipulated data is used in the machine learning algorithms. Iyad Rahwan, Manuel Cebrian, and Pinar Yanardag were among the research team.

They revealed that there is the central thought process in the machine learning. However, the data they used to teach the machine learning code or algorithm can impact its behavior. They further added that when they talk about the biasness of AI algorithms, the culprit is not usually the algorithm but the biased data that was put into it.

Norman was “fed” just with short legends that described the images of dying people. The MIT researchers then fed ink blots images to analyze the its answers with the traditional AI systems.



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