Pakistan India border wall on display at US electronics show


At the high technology US electronics show, the Pakistan India border wall displayed along with its benefit.

Pakistan India border wall is explained at the renowned US electronics show. However, the same technology is utilized in self driving vehicles is being revealed as the key high technology solution to the US border wall conundrum.

On the other side, atleast one startup at the show is highlighting how Lidar, the laser based detection system is widely acknowledged for autonomous cars. However, it can be deployed alongside the US Mexico border at much cheaper cost than the fence or physical wall.

Quanergy Systems along with other technical companies are working on Lidar border security. However, they displayed to the attendees of CES that the technology is also being implemented in the pilot projects on Pakistan India border as well as the small part of the southern US border.

Quanergy Systems’s chief executive and co-founder, Louay Eldada said that their solution is highly capable than the physical wall. However, the advanced system can see in any weather condition and can track the intruders.


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