Parental Control Apps Are Ineffective


A new research study revealed that parental control apps are ineffective and can also be dangerous for them in some cases. Parental control apps designed to keep children safe from any online threat. However, researchers found that these apps are dangerous as they are damaging the relationship between children and parents. In addition, they are also reducing children’s abilities to effectively deal the online threats.

Key Research Findings

A research conducted at the University of Central Florida that whether or not these apps are helpful for child protection. In addition, they also researched that what children think about the parents who use parental control applications. However, their research revealed that parents who install and use parental control apps on their children’s mobiles seem unfriendly to their kids. It is found that children who use these apps have less ability to tackle any online danger.

Final Verdict

Researchers concluded that several apps have been developed to protect children from online threats. In the fast-paced digital world, parents are more concerned for the safety of their children. Strict parental control is not an only option and parents should take appropriate steps for parenting. Parents should train children to manage online risks on their own.


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