People are Preferring WhatsApp over Facebook for News and Events


London: People are showing less interest in Facebook and using WhatsApp for searching and discussing news.

The usage of Facebook for news observed a significant decline as more people are relying on WhatsApp. In United States, a decline of nine percent is observed in 2017. However, in 2017, the decline rate is recorded 20% among youngsters.

Nic Newman, a researcher, revealed that the utilization of social media for news started to decline in several key markets. He further added that people prefer messaging apps as they want more privacy during conversations.

Several people still use Twitter and Facebook for news gathering. However, they eventually discuss gathered news on WhatsApp and other messaging apps. It is because during discussion they feel them safer and less vulnerable on these apps.

WhatsApp introduced its services in 2009. However, Facebook later bought it in 2014 for $19 billion. According to researchers, the platform is more popular than Twitter in significance for news in different countries.

According to the latest survey, a few people trusted the media for news. However, in United States, just 34% people trust most news, most of the time.


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