Privacy Setting Bug Is Threatening 14 Million Users, Facebook


San Francisco: Facebook admitted yesterday that a bug in their software affected the privacy settings of around 14 million users.

Facebook accepted that the privacy setting bug affected several users and made their posts public without their consent. The news denoted the most recent in a progression of security humiliations for the company, which has confronted a firestorm over the capturing of individual information on a huge number of users and all the more as of late for exposures on data leakage with smartphone manufacturers.

Erin Egan, Facebook’s official, said in an announcement that the organization as of late found a bug that consequently recommended posting publicly when a few people were creating posts. He said that people posting between May 18 and May 27 as it was actualizing another approach to share a few things such as images.

Facebook said it resolved the issue on May 22 and now it is sending notifications to the affected people.


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