Sony PlayStation 5 details are Now Finally Revealed


Sony is now working on a new console revealing all the Sony PlayStation 5 details after the huge success of Sony PlayStation 4.

A lot of rumours were surrounding in the market related to PlayStation 5 details just like backwards compatibility like PS1 and 4K 120fps output. But here we have the proper details of the new console.

The details were discussed in the interview by Sony’s system architect Mark Cerny.

PlayStation 5 Hardware:

Cerny’s interview revealed that the PlayStation 5 will be powered by the octa-core third-generation AMD Ryzen CPU built on the company’s 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture.

The new lightning technique called raytracing that tracks individual rays of light in real time, allowing for accurate reflections and shadows on in-game objects. Nvidia’s recent RTX-series of graphics cards debuted with this tech.

This technique was only limited to PCs in the past years but now it will be available in the PlayStation 5 according to the details by Cerny.

Low Load Times:

The PlayStation 5 will take low time to load the system which leads to fasting up to the game. In the demo, on the previous PS4 Pro, Spiderman was twirling slower than the experimental PS4 Pro with a faster SSD installed. The difference was quite watchful, and loading screens took less time to pass as compared to up to 15 seconds on the normal PS4.


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