SpaceX Moon Tourism: BFR will send tourists around Moon


SpaceX announced the new plan to launch people around the Moon.

During the SpaceX moon tourism plan, BFR or Big Falcon Rocket will send tourists around the Moon. However, it is a massive launch vehicle that is developed to carry travelers into the deep space.

The company tweeted that the SpaceX signed the first passenger to fly around the Moon aboard their BFR launch vehicle. However, it is a key step towards the enabling access for people who want traveling to space.

This isn’t the first run through the California-based organization, headed by Internet business person and Tesla electric auto CEO Elon Musk, has touted plans to send tourists around the Moon. In February, 2017, SpaceX reported it would send the world’s initial two space tourists around the Moon in 2018.

That arrangement called for them to ride on a Dragon team vehicle, like the payload dispatches that the company routinely sends stacked with provisions to the International Space Station (ISS). They would have launched on board a Falcon Heavy rocket.


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