Stadia: Google announces browser-based video game streaming service


The technology giant Google revealed about Stadia, the browser-based streaming game service.

Stadia will be the browser based video game streaming service by Google. However, it will allow people to play games through YouTube or internet. In addition, they will not need to wait for the downloading of content on their device. The access to games will be as simple as watching online video.

Google Vice President, Phil Harrison said that with Stadia, the waiting game will be a thing of the past. He elaborated about the service during Game Developers Conference, that is bringing together around 25,000 people who work in the video games industry.

The streaming technology offers a fresh way for Google to pitch game publishers on its cloud computing and data storage services, which ultimately could generate more revenue for Google than game sales. Game publishers also may decide to launch their own streaming services, as film and TV studios have begun doing for their content in the last few years.

Harrison said Stadia would launch in the United States, Canada and much of Europe and support desktops, laptops, TVs connected to Chromecast streaming media sticks, tablets and phones.

Players could enter games from links on YouTube or other social media. They will play using mice and keyboards, USB controllers or a WiFi-enabled controller that Google plans to launch this year.

Google’s hardware business is a top priority for Sundar Pichai. However, company offered scant details on timing, pricing or available titles for the service, which faces potentially tough competition from game publishers and from rivals including Amazon and Microsoft.


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