Travelers Can Now Ride Across Morocco With Africa’s First High-speed Train

Travelers Can Now Ride All Over Morocco With Africa’s First High-speed Train

On Thursday, Moroccos King Mohammed VI and French President Emmanuel Macron launched Africa’s first high-speed train together.

The King and President both took the train themselves, from the northern city of Tangier to the capital city called Rabat. The ride lasted for 80 minutes, which would have normally taken 4 hours for a normal train ride.

The train service, which is called Al Boraq, is a 200-km high-speed rail line which has been built on a budget of over US $2 Billion.

Over US $600 Million were invested in the project from several other countries as well.

While France contributed to half of the project, the rest was covered by loans from other Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.

The new train has exceeded a speed of 220 miles (352 km) per hour in the test runs, however, will be traveling 320 km per hour for customers.

Thus, the journey from Tangier and Casablanca will be increased to just two hours and 10 minutes.



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