Twitter Services Restored in Pakistan and Other Countries


The services of Twitter in Pakistan, and all over the world, were restored within an hour of sudden suspension. Services were suspended for many countries including Pakistan, the United States, Britain and Europe. The broadcasting agency quoted many users in their news, saying that the service of social networking websites suspended in many countries. Users in Pakistan tried to run as soon as 7pm after evening So the company received a message from the company that the service of the website were suspended for technical reasons. It is unlikely, however, after the service was restored within 30 minutes, the post-screen received from the company was not detected by the company as a result of how long the Twitter service was suspended. However, according to the reports, Twitter service suspended for almost an hour. Technology Broadcasting also said the service of Twitter suspended April 17 in many countries.

Several sources referred to users’ posts in their news. It was said that dozens of users posted posts regarding the suspension of the social website. Consider that other social networks including Twitter and social sharing applications Service services have been temporarily suspended in various countries of the world temporarily, for a variety of reasons. 2 years ago January 2016, Twitter service was suspended in many countries of the world for some time, causing millions of users to face mental stress for some time. A similar incident was reported last year in October last year, the world’s largest The social website was temporarily suspended worldwide. Not only Twitter and Facebook but also the Instagram, SnapChat service have been suspended many times, but this suspension extends for more than 2 hours.


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