Twitter Updated its Data Sharing and Privacy Policy


Twitter revealed their updated privacy policy that elaborates on the company’s utilization of users’ data. The change, provoked to some extent by the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws in the European Union. However, it is intended to make the organization’s approaches less demanding to get it. While the laws are just in the EU, The company said that the protection settings and security approach applies around the world.

The online networking site focused on that it has co-extended and reexamined content. The updated privacy policy to make some legalistic or specialized dialect as clear as could reasonably be expected. Users now analyze their data that Twitter possesses and decide whether or not to share it further.

Remarks By Twitter Official

Damien Kieran, the Twitter Official, said that our aim is to keep people informed through the public conversation. However, he mentioned it on his blog. He further added that our aim is to provide a better user experience to the people. Damien said we respect users’ privacy and also believe that you should be aware of our data usage policies and procedures.


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