Two Pakistani Women Chosen for Facebook Community Leadership Program


Two Pakistani Women Chosen for Facebook Community Leadership Program

Just recently, Facebook announced the two women who are in line to represent Pakistan in Facebook’s Community Leadership Program. These women who created and own highly influential Facebook groups have been selected for the social network giant’s first Community Leadership Program.

Among 115 community leaders of 6,000 applicants from around the world, Kanwal Ahmed of Soul Sisters Pakistan and Nadia Gangjee of Sheops are selected for this program.

The 115 participants will serve as community leaders in residence, fellows, and youth participants. That’s not all, more than 100 fellows and youth participants will be awarded up to $50,000 each for their variety of community efforts.

Moreover, out of these 115 participants, Facebook will grant the role of community leaders in residence to top five people who will each receive up to $1,000,000 in funding to build their own communities. The company has also said that it will decide on the final amount based on a budget proposal from each of the residents themselves.

In February, Facebook had announced the initiative meant to provide funding to individuals for building communities using the social media platform.

Here are the selected entrepreneurs from Pakistan:

Kanwal Ahmed

Facebook Community Leadership Program

In 2013, Kanwal started Soul Sisters Pakistan to give Pakistani women a platform to voice their issues, share their stories and seek support from other Pakistani women.

Since then, the group “has become a judgment-free, apolitical place where women can network as well as find legal, financial and psychological help”.

The group contains more than 78,000+ female members, who have given back to the community through amazing initiatives such as an ‘adopt-a-school program’ within collaboration with The Citizens Foundation and tree-planting drives.

Nadia Gangjee

Facebook Community Leadership Program

Nadia is an entrepreneur who started Pakistan’s first and most trusted online marketplace for women, that provides women with a home-based solution for shopping. It also enables entrepreneurs or women-oriented businesses to have a safe, bespoke platform to start with and scale their businesses.

In her page’s description, it says, “Sheops Facebook community is for women to showcase their products, share their stories, discuss tips to scale their businesses and issues they face in business — basically inspire and support each other to grow.”


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