Wait is over as first black hole picture will be revealed today


Scientists are going to reveal the first black hole picture on Wednesday (today).

First black hole picture will be unveiled today. It will not be a simple artist’s impression or computer generated image, but will be the real thing. However, first black hole picture will be revealed by the EHT or Event Horizon Telescope.

Among different forces in the Universe that we can’t see including dark energy and dark matter none has frustrated human curiosity as thoroughly as the invisible, star-devouring monsters known as black holes. Yet, the phenomena are so powerful that nothing nearby not even light can escape their gravitational pull.

Two candidates are vying to be in the first-ever image. Odds-makers favor Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of our own spiral galaxy, the Milky Way. Sag A* has four million times the mass of our Sun, and measures about 24 million Km across. That may sound like a big target, but for the telescope array on Earth some 26,000 light years (245 trillion Km) away, it´s like trying to photograph a golf ball on the Moon.

The other candidate is 1,500 times more massive still, ensconced in a faraway elliptical galaxy known as M87. Comparing the two, distance and size balance out, making it roughly as easy (or hard) to pinpoint either.


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