We Achieved a Goal of 100% Clean Energy, Apple


San Francisco: Apple released a statement that they had achieved a target of 100% clean energy for all its facilities and offices around the globe. Apple, one of the leading technology companies revealed that its offices, retail stores, co-located facilities, and data centers in around 43 countries are now operating with renewable energy.

Nine additional manufacturing companies have also committed to power all Apple production facilities with the renewable energy, bringing the number of committed suppliers to 23. Apple Executives committed to leaving the world in the better situation. Tim Cook said that Apple achieved this milestone after the several years of hard work.

Cook also revealed that we are giving significant value to our manufacturing process. We are analyzing the materials used in our products and how can we recycle them for the benefit of people. He further added that company is also looking for latest creative methods and sources that can boost our renewable energy initiatives.

Companies Are Moving Towards Renewable Energy

However, a few months back, Google also announced a similar statement and said that the company had achieved the target of 100% renewable energy.

Apple also demonstrated that the company along with its committed partners is looking for new renewable energy projects around the globe. It will not just include wind farms and solar arrays but, latest technologies such as micro-hydro generation systems, biogas fuel cells, and other energy storage technologies will be also included.

Apple’s officials said that our company has around 25 operational clean energy projects around the globe that are offering 626 MW of power input. In addition, 15 more projects are under construction and upon completion they will be able to provide energy to around 11 countries.


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