Whatsapp Black Dot Message can Crash Your App and Phone


Whatsapp black dot message is going viral and crashing app on several smartphones.

A message with the black dot is circulating on Whatsapp that is also crashing the application. Whatsapp black dot message asks you to tap on a dot. It further said that it will result in the hanging of your phone for a few seconds. In addition, another message is also circulating on Whatsapp and receiving the message not just hang Whatsapp but, other apps also become unresponsive.

Different plain symbols are usually hidden within the message and the tapping of Whatsapp black dot message results in the hanging of App and OS. According to sources, over 1900 characters are present in the message despite just twelve words are present.

There are some tips that you can use to fix the hanging or crashing issue. Just close Whatsapp and also make it clear from recent apps. However, if it does not work, you can reboot your phone to revert the phone to the normal position.


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