WhatsApp Revealed New Group Chat Features, Admins Became Powerful


WhatsApp introduced the new group chat features that made the application more user-friendly.

Yesterday, WhatsApp announced some great group chat features. These features provide more control for group administrators and other group members. According to sources, the new features contain participant search and mentions features.

Now, group admins can get more control of the group with the latest update. However, the new feature allows admin the rights to restrict that which members could or couldn’t make changes in group’s icon, subject, and description. In addition, they can also make changes in admin rights to the other group members. However, group creators would not be removed from groups they created.

WhatsApp is also looking for a protection feature. However, the feature will prevent the repetitive addition of members to groups which they have left. The “catch up” feature will be also included in the update. However, the feature assists users to instantly get updated with the messages they unfortunately missed.

The new “@” button will allow users to quickly look messages. The button will appear in the chat at the bottom right corner. Users can now find any person in a group through the participant search feature. The search option will be available at the group info page.

A few days back, the long-awaited F8 Conference was held. During the conference, Facebook announced that the new group video calling feature will be available on WhatsApp. However, the feature will allow the group chatting of maximum four people.



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