WhatsApp Scam: Beware of 1000GB free internet offer


According to reports, a WhatsApp scam is in circulation that can be adverse for your data security and privacy.

WhatsApp scam comes with a lucrative offer of free 1000GB internet or mobile data. Researchers from renowned security firm, ESET found that it is a big fraud. The suspicious message tries to seem safe by displaying WhatsApp in the link. However, on clicking it leads to the website that is home to several other scams as well. On the other side, the URL that comes with the WhatsApp scam is not the official WhatsApp domain.

When you click on the link, it leads to the form which states that the offer is regarding the WhatsApp’s 10th anniversary. When you will respond to the questionnaire, the website will invite you to send the offer to at least 30 people to qualify for the bigger reward.

How to remain safe from 1000GB free internet WhatsApp scam and others?

First, you have to calmly review the so called offer. You can visit the brand’s official social media account or website to confirm the news. If you found no such thing, then it is surely a scam.


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