WhatsApp will not work on these iPhone models, reports


According to some reports, WhatsApp, the popular communication app will not work on some Apple phones.

WhatsApp on old iPhone models will not be available for use as the support will soon be discontinued. The reason is that, WhatsApp has been up continuously made modifications and adding unique features that will be solely applicable on powerful operating system so it may harmful for weak system.

Further, WhatsApp also said that, iPhone users must update and upgrade their IOS version before 1st February 2020 because without modified version the functionality of your phones may disturb.

Lastly, they will also inform that, IOS 8 users can use WhatsApp if it is active on your hand-set until 1st of February, 2020. However, unable to revivifying existing accounts and creates a new one.

Thereby, now iPhone users must use IOS 9 version for running WhatsApp in your hand-set.


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