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Xin Xiaomeng: AI Female News Anchor Revealed in China

China continues to make remarkable strides in making human journalists obsolete launching an AI female news anchor.

State news outlet Xinhuaannounced yesterday Feb. 19, link in Chinese that it had, in collaboration with search engine Sogou, created the worlds first AI female news anchor, known as Xin Xiaomeng.

The anchor will make her debut during the upcoming Two Sessions political meetings at the start of March.

The announcement comes after Xinhuadebuted the worlds firstmale AI news anchor, Qiu Hao, duringChinas annual World Internet Conference held in November in the town of Wuzhen.

The Xinhua AI news Anchor goes on air:

The AI anchor, developed by state news agency Xinhua and tech firm Sogou Inc, was on display at the World Internet Conference in the eastern Chinese town of Wuzhen.

The anchor, modelled on real-life Chinese news reader Qiu Hao is part of a major push by China to advance its prowess in AI technology, from surveillance equipment to self-driving cars.



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