5-Year-Old Pakistani Boy Copies Jasprit Bumrah Bowling Action


Five-Year-Old Pakistani Boy Copies Jasprit Bumrah Bowling Action and Brings Nostalgia

Recently, a young boy from Pakistan was seen trying to imitate the bowling moves of Indian cricketer Jasprit Bumrah, and the Indian pacer found it extremely adorable as well as nostalgic. A video of the Pakistani boy copies Jasprit Bumrah bowling action has excited social media.

On his birthday, the cricket received a video of a young boy on Twitter by a fan, and started making rounds on the Internet ever since. The video depicts a five-year-old boy copying Bumrah’s tricky bowling style while pacing the ball and throwing at the batsman’s range. The Pakistani kid viral video copying Bumrah caught the Indian cricketer’s eyes on Twitter and he replied on his Twitter account that the kid reminded him of his childhood. Back when he himself used to copy cricketer heros.

The video caption revealed that the Pakistan boy copy Bumrah became a fan of his when the kid saw him perform at the recently ended Asia Cup. The kid has been following his moves ever since.

Bumrah took to his Twitter to express his feelings after spectating the video:

“As a kid, I remember how I used to copy the actions of my cricketing heroes. It’s a wonderful feeling to see kids copying my action today,” Bumrah tweeted.


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