Afridi under fire by Indian media on tweet against Kashmir massacre


The former Pakistani cricket captain Shahid Afridi angers the Indian Media after he tweeted against the bloodshed in Indian held Kashmir. Shahid Afridi tweeted:

Indian reaction to Afridi’s Tweet:

In reaction to this tweet the whole Indian media started to talk against Shahid Afridi claiming that his tweet is a direct attack against the Indian government and that he should not interfere in politics and keep playing cricket. While Indian Cricketer Gautam Gambhir criticized Shahid Afridi on twitter and called him retarded, adding “he is celebrating a dismissal off a no-ball”. It seems the whole Indian nation on the social media went on twitter to criticize his words, claiming there is no Indian Occupied Kashmir but only Indian Kashmir and that they will take back the Pakistani Occupied Indian Kashmir soon enough. While many Kashmiri people did speak in support of Shahid Afridi saying they love Shahid Afridi for speaking out against the cruelty while the world is sleeping on it.

Shahid Afridi only wanted to show the world the cruelty Kashmiri people are going through by the hands of the Indian Army, asking them to intervene and stop the massacre of innocent youngsters. He also pleaded to the other international human rights bodies to put efforts to stop the tyranny in the Pakistan held Kashmir.


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