Australian Journalist Trolled Indian Fans over Shahid Afridi’s tweet


Web desk: Shahid Afridi has been trending due to his tweet about his support for the innocent Kashmiris being killed ruthlessly by Indian forces. The situation in Occupied Kashmir has been tragic since the incident of massacre of innocent Kashmiris occurred few days back.

Responding to the incident, Shahid Afridi tweeted from his official account showing his concern and love for Kashmiris who are resilient against the tyranny of Indian forces.  The tweet went viral and had attracted a lot of anger from the Indian media and cricket stars. Shahid Afridi had received countless support and love for his strong stance against Indian terrorism in Kashmir from both his fans in Pakistan and Kashmir.

Thanks to the hatred of Indian media, Shahid Afridi’s tweet and reaction caught the attention of international media. Dennis Freedman, a popular Australian cricket journalist who is immensely popular within Pakistan as he never misses an opportunity to take a dig at Indian cricket fans on social media has recently reacted to the entire hatred drama.

He has recently tweeted,

Afridi’s tweet was much liked and appreciated by his dedicated fans, on the other hand the Indian fans did not shy from showing their anger and rage on Twitter against Freedman. Series of hate replies from Indians came in response to Freedman’s tweet.

It all started when Afridi tweeted on Tuesday saying the situation was appalling and worrisome in Indian-occupied Kashmir.

He received lot of backlash from across the border and various Indian cricketers including Guatam Gambhir who responded harshly on his tweet. Responding to this anger and hate comments, Afridi tweeted:



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