Best Asian Cricket Team in England: Pakistan is still on top


Pakistan is still the best Asian cricket team in England with most number of wins.

Pakistan is the best Asian cricket team in England as it won more matches than India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. A few days ago, Indian captain Virat Kohli claimed that the current Indian cricket team is best in last 15 years. However, the reality is beyond that as they lost test match series against England by 4-1.

Which is the best Asian cricket team in England?

Overall, Pakistan may not be the good test side in the overseas conditions. However, in England their record is impressive as compare to other Asian sides. Pakistan also did not lost a test series against England since 2010. In that period, Pakistan drew two away series in England and beat English side in two home series in UAE.

Team No of Matches Won Lost Drawn Win/Loss Ratio
Pakistan 53 12 23 18 0.52
Sri Lanka 18 3 8 7 0.38
India 62 7 34 3 0.21
Bangladesh 4 0 4 0 0


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