Cricket World Cup 2019: India Vs Pakistan match is again on Father’s Day


The India Vs Pakistan rivalry in cricket needs no introduction and the passion of the two nations skyrockets when the teams take on each other in the field.

The lack of bilateral cricket series between India Vs Pakistan means that we have to wait for the ICC tournaments and the Asia Cup to witness the cricket’s biggest rivalry.

While the Pakistanis and Indians cherish the encounters, the International Cricket Council (ICC) knows how to make them even more interesting.

India Vs Pakistan match slated on Sunday, 16th June, a day shrewdly was chosen by the cricketing watchdog for the spectacle considering it falls on Fathers Day. It is celebrated in most countries on the third Sunday in June.

The Pakistanis were not yet done with the memes of Father’s Day 2017 – 18th June – following the team’s dominant victory in the Champions Trophy final against India. The game of memes is ever stronger and we all expect it to be more intense this time around.

If Pakistan wins, there will be enough memes for at least a year until the T20 World Cup in 2020. If Pakistan loses, you all know what to do.


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