Game Changer: Shahid Afridi’s autobiography will be released on April 25


Shahid Afridi’s autobiography named ‘Game Changer’ is all set to be released at the end of this month in Pakistan.

Wajahat Saeed Khan is the writer of the biography, who is a prominent journalist and a critic, Game Changer promises to be a good read for Afridi’s fans.

The Game Changer will release first in India on 25th April for some unknown reasons.

Afridi took to Twitter to announce the news and said that it has been in the work for a couple of years.

He also said that he has worked his best, to be honest about his work in the greatest game ever.

All of his fans are excited about the release of his autobiography Game changer and give it a read to get first-hand knowledge of his iconic celebration, his toughest opponents, his favourite innings and what not.


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