Hasan Ali beat Virat Kohli’s Yo-Yo fitness test score


Pakistani fast bowler Hasan Ali beat everyone in the fitness test.

Pakistani all rounder Hasan Ali scored 20 points in Yo-Yo fitness test which is also greater than Virat Kohli’s score.

Hasan Ali of the national cricket team left behind Indian team captain Virat Kohli in fitness. Most important, and that’s why most cricket boards make one test to match the players. In the event of success in the fitness test, players are added to the team. The Pakistan Cricket Board held a fitness camp for the Asia Cup, after which the players who succeeded in the test were included in squad.

Yo-Yo tests were also taken to assess the fitness of players. By getting 20 scores in the Yo-Yo test, Hasan Ali has not only left Pakistan players behind but also Indian team captain Virat Kohli who has a score of 19, while Manesh Pandey’s score is 19.2.

Young fast bowler Hasan Ali has surprised all of his fitness. Yo-Yo test is considered to be the toughest test in which the trainers mark the runners’ run by different speed marks on the ground. With the help of round and speed changes, but the standard of Yo-Yo test is different in every country.


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