Hope Imran Khan Lead Pakistan as He Led His Cricket Team: Kapil Dev


Ex- Indian cricket team captain Kapil Dev has sent in best regards to Imran Khan and his leadership charisma, as PTI emerged victorious in the electoral polls.

Kapil Dev said that he is very excited and happy for him. He also expressed hope that the Pakistan’s World Cup winning captain can emulate his cricketing success while running the government.

While speaking to Indian media, Kapil Dev expressed his joy of seeing his all-time rival poised to become Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He said,“I am very happy for him. I hope he manages Pakistan the way he managed the cricket team as captain. From the very beginning, Imran worked hard for his success, and it’s because his ability to work hard consistently that he is at the peak of his political career.”

Kapil Dev admitted that there are more pressing issues than cricket that needs to be addressed first. Kapil Dev expressed support to Imran Khan to sort all these issues and bring harmony between the two neighbouring countries.

“I think country is more important than cricket. Let’s hope India and Imran Khan’s government can sort out bigger issues and bring peace to the region. I think cricket will happen.

“Both countries are going through a rough time. He should focus on bringing harmony between the two countries,” Kapil Dev added.

Kapil Dev also recalled the time when Imran Khan was the captain and praised him for handling a turbulent team back then.  He also hoped he would do well now as Prime Minister of the country.

“Handling the Pakistan team wasn’t an easy job but Imran did it brilliantly. He was a tough captain and that is the reason Pakistan did well. I hope he will do as PM as well.”


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