ICC Announced Sanctions for Personal Abuse and Ball Tampering


Dublin: International Cricket Council (ICC) revealed new code of sanctions for personal abuse and ball tampering.

ICC will now consider personal abuse and ball tampering as a level two and level three offence respectively. The level three offence sanction increased from 8 suspension points to 12 suspension points. However, it is equivalent to 12 ODIs or 6 Test matches.

However, ICC will sanction level two offence if a player found guilty of personal abuse during the match. In addition, it also includes any attempt to gain unfair advantage through cheating as a level three offence.

The media release revealed that match referees can hear the level 1, 2, and 3 charges. However, Judicial Commissioner will hear the level 4 appeals and charges.

Officials also discussed the challenges to cricket from the rising number of T20 leagues in the world. However, final decision about the inclusion of players will be taken in October’s meeting.


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