Muhammad Amir Injury Concerns Pakistan Cricket Team


DUBLIN: Muhammad Amir was forced to retire due to injury, early on into the third day of test against Ireland. The injury has been a cause of concern for the cricket team said Pakistan bowling coach Azhar Mahmood.

Muhammad Amir, left handed fast bowler, of the Pakistani cricket team, made early exit during third day against Ireland. The exit was due to recurrence of a “chronic” left knee injury after a brief spell against Ireland’s second innings after Pakistan enforced the follow-on on Sunday.

Coach Azhar Mahmood has affiliated his injury with work overload on the fast bowler. Bowling coach Azhar, former national cricket team bowler, said that Amir had played all formats since 2 years non stop. He said the fast bowler had played Test, One-days and T20 format cricket matches since 2 years. He added this has taken toll on the fast bowler.

Azhar said this, however; has given them a chance to rethink future decisions under this light. He said that they will try to lighten the workload on Muhammad Amir so he can receive sufficient rest.

Muhammad Amir was part of a spot-fixing scandal back in 2010, and was arrested. He was given a 5 year ban from International cricket for bowling two deliberate no-balls. Amir had pleaded guilty on the verdict handed out by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and publicly asked for forgiveness.

In November 2011, Amir was convicted of conspiracy charges regarding the spot-fixing scandal. He was given a five year ban, which was still considered lenient, due to his juvenile age and confession. The other two convicted, Salman Butt and Muhammad Asif had been handed down 7 to 10 years of suspension from cricket.

Since his return Muhammad Amir had proved his mettle by playing all formats of cricket. He has led the team to victory for many tournaments and series. According to Amir he will repent for his crime by leading the Pakistani cricket team to victory.


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