Harbhajan Singh refrained from commenting on upcoming match b/w Pak-India


Harbhajan Singh, former Indian spinner abstained from commenting on the forthcoming match between Pakistan and India. The ICC T20 World Cup 2022 match will be the most anticipated for both the countries that happened to be played in Australia. 

The T20 World Cup face-off is expected to be at Melbourne Cricket Ground. In the prior T20 World Cup 2021, Pakistan won by 10 wickets against India in Dubai. After India, demeaning loss that shocked many, the former spinner Harbhajan Singh has decided to reserve his comment. Prior to the comment, he did for the previous match he said, “I informed Shoaib Akhtar that Pakistan’s participation is pointless; you should grant us a walkover. You’ll play, you’ll lose again, and you’ll be upset. Our team is incredibly solid and potent, and they will easily defeat you,”

Singh told an Indian website, along with the Rawalpindi Express, saying he will not be making any prediction of statement. 


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