Pakistani alpinist, Eisha Sajid to set her eyes on summiting Manaslu 


Eisha Sajid, the youngest mountaineer of Pakistan has been sighted to become the youngest climber to peak Mt Manaslu in Nepal at 8,163m tall. Sajid has reached Nepal and is expected to complete mountaineering through the end of the month. If unfortunate, Sajid will accomplish breaking the record of Arjun Vajpai, an Indian who climbed at the age of 18 in 2011. 

Shehroze Kashif, who ascended Broad Peak at the age of 17, will no longer hold the record for being the youngest Pakistani to climb an eight-thousander. She will celebrate her 17th birthday on 30 November. Eisha feels adamant to make new records for her mountaineering trip.

Although Eisha had planned to reach the top of the wide mountain in July, poor weather and rock fall forced her to call off her mission.

Eisha will be traveling to the Manaslu peak with the assistance of world record holder Nirmal Puja of Nepal. 


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