US Olympic Moves to Dissolve the USA Gymnastics Body


US Olympic Moves to Dissolve the USA Gymnastics Body, Athletes Distressed

On Monday, the United States Olympic Committee revealed that it has begun operations to disband the governing body for USA gymnastics, after the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case.

Sarah Hirshland, the USOC chief executive stated that the Olympic chiefs have already begun the formal procedure to revoke the status of USA Gymnastics as the governing body for sports in the United States.

According to Hirshland, USA Gymnastics has failed to “change its culture, to rebuild its leadership, and to effectively serve its membership.”

On Monday, she said that Olympic chiefs had given up hoping that USA Gymnastics was capable enough to reform itself after the Nassar case.

Hirshland further said “the challenges facing the organisation are simply more than it is capable of overcoming in its current form. And that’s not fair to gymnasts around the country. Even weeks ago, I hoped there was a different way forward. But we now believe that is no longer possible.”

Hirshland has asked US gymnasts to continue to compete competitions as normal, as they will be fully backed up and supported by the Olympic committee.

“In the short-term, we have to work to ensure that USAG gymnasts have the support necessary to excel on and off the field of play,” she added.

“We are building plans to do just that. In the long-term, it will be the critically important responsibility of the recognized Gymnastics NGB, whether the existing organisation or a new one, to lead gymnastics in the United States and build on the supportive community of athletes and clubs that can carry the sport forward for decades to come. We are prepared to identify and help build such an organisation,” she concluded.


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