US President Donald Trump gifts cricket bat to PM Imran Khan


The United States President Donald Trump presented cricket bat to the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to sources, the US President Donald Trump gifted the cricket bat to PM Imran Khan at White House. However, the bat is not an only thing that he presented to the Pakistani Prime Minister. Donald Trump also gifted picture of President Eisenhower who is the only US President who watched a test match in Pakistan.

While speaking to the reporters, the US President referred to PM Imran Khan as a great athlete and much popular Prime Minister of Pakistan. Both leaders discussed different important issues including Kashmir, Afghanistan, and economy.

On the other side, PM Imran Khan said that USA is the most powerful country and can play a crucial role to bring peace in the subcontinent region. He further added that over a billion people are held hostage to the situation in Kashmir and he believes that President Donald Trump can bring both countries together.


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