#Befikri Hashtag Is Going Viral


The Social media is abuzz with #Befikri hashtags and we couldn’t resist getting keener to figure out what was cooking. So we launched our heads down to search the #Befikri activity and guess what?

From YouTube videos to Facebook posts and especially Tweet threads, the #befikri hashtag was scattered everywhere. People are posting their moments of befikri and the tweet trend has become talk of the town in literally no time. Look at these tweets taking the trend below.

Graduating in number, many more people are taking the trend and confessing out their befikri ke moments. So we decided to dig deeper and see what exactly motivated them to the befikri’s frame. And here it is what we got!

So yes! It was Ufone that Karachities have decided to cherish this time. Ufone has undoubtedly given us a golden concept of Super cards, a bundle of just perfect packages. So here’s a shout out to the befikri movement.
You got us real #befikri with your brilliant Supercards, Ufone! Keep on delivering the best.

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