DIRBS: Smuggled and Unregistered Phones will be Blocked Soon, PTA


PTA launched a system DIRBS that will block illegal phones and make them unusable.

DIRBS (Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System) is a new system by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). It will automatically identify illegal, fake, sub-standard, and smuggled phones. In addition, it will later block them to use with any mobile phone network.

PTA introduced DIRBS in collaboration with cellular companies at its Islamabad Headquarters. PTA chairman revealed that the system will provide assistance in the identification of non -compliant phones. He further added that now it would be hard to use smuggled or illegally imported phones in Pakistan. PTA chairman also said that fake and sub-standard phones will become unusable with this system.

The number of mobile phones and mobile subscribers are continuously growing in Pakistan. A huge number of smartphones are smuggling in Pakistan through improper channels. However, analysts believe that the proper implementation of DIRBS will surely help the government to block illegal phones in Pakistan.


  1. Such an outstanding initiative by PTA. Let these criminals suffer this time who steals mobile phones from innocent people.


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