Fingerprint Phone Charging Boxes Are Installed At New Islamabad Airport


New Islamabad Airport started is offering phone charging facility through fingerprint secured charging boxes.

New Islamabad Airport is built on the latest industry standards. However, the best part is its security system. A separate station is installed for passengers to charge their phones without the fear of theft or loss. The system has advanced security measures that make it impossible for the other person to steal your phone. separate fingerprint sensor based boxes are available for mobile charging that can only be open with the phone’s owner fingerprints.

It is a much relief for travelers as no one can take their phone even if they forget to collect it after charging. However, owners can take their phone back at any time. People are also appreciating this step on the internet and social media.

New Islamabad Airport also has some other amazing facilities such as sports complex, five-star hotel, and shopping malls. In addition, cinema house, convention center, restaurants, golf course, duty-free shops, hospital are also present.


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