Galaxy Fold: Samsung Launched Foldable Smartphone to Rev Up Demand


Samsung has named its Galaxy Fold as infinity flex display. The phone has a tablet-sized screen and it can be folded up to the pocket size.

You can also call this device as a disguised galaxy fold device; Samsung demonstrated this device in their developer conference today.

The SVP of Samsung Justin Denison announced in the conference that there is a device in here and it is stunning, in the dimmed lights of the conference.

He then showed a device which was a tablet screen in size and folded into a pocket-size Smartphone.


Samsung has updated a multitask window in this phone in which 3 apps can work simultaneously at a time.

Samsung says it will be able to start mass production of the Infinity Flex Display in a “matter of months,” according to Denison.


Google is now supporting these devices officially and working with them.

Google is providing guidance for developers to start using existing features that are built into Android to support these foldable displays.

Other upcoming devices:

Not only Samsung is making the foldable devices, on the contrary, Huawei has also announced its foldable devices and they are working on it.

Lenovo and LG are also working over some multi-screen devices.

Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay previously revealed that a pocketable Surface device is “absolutely my baby.”

Phone makers you’ve probably never heard of are also experimenting with tablet-like devices that fold into a phone form factor, so expect to see a lot more of these handsets in 2019.


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