Google Duplex Could Shut Down The Call Centers In Near Future


Google Duplex is threatening the future of call centers and its employees.

According to the latest report, Google Duplex can adversely impact the call centers business in future. However, it is an extension of Google Assistant which takes natural human language to take or make business calls. In addition, it can even talk to a person, all while resembling as a real person.

The Google Duplex AI is so good as it can easily distinguish between 2 to 4 speakers. However, it takes into account background sound, static, and hold music. In addition, it also offers intermittent pauses, “Umm’s” and “Mm-hmm” that usually come in general conversation.

The report comes at a time when the cloud-based call center industry is rapidly growing. However, the estimated worth is $6.8 billion in 2017 that is expected to increase in the future.

Technical analysts believe that if Google Duplex implemented correctly, it can possibly do great damage to the call center business.


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