Google Foldable Mobile Phone is Just About to Launch


The globally renowned search giant Google, which has not manufactured its own phone hardware until now, is apparently experimenting with google foldable mobile.

Jumping into the trend, Google has published the patent application that shows a google foldable mobile with a simpler design as compared to previously introduces smartphones.

It might be quite interesting to see that the patent details two methods of folding: a single fold that transforms the device into a clamshell, and a Z-fold design that allows users to bend the phone at two places.

The patent filing also explains that it’s challenging to build a durable display that folds at two places. This is somewhat similar to the Microsoft surface book.

However, it must be kept in mind that this patent doesn’t necessarily mean that Google is sure making an attempt to launch a foldable phone but if it would do so, it would certainly be exciting.


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