HTC Exodus: HTC is Releasing the Blockchain Based Android Smartphone


HTC is launching the blockchain technology based smartphone named HTC Exodus.

HTC Exodus will be the first phone from HTC that works on the blockchain technology. The move takes after those of Facebook and others as of late to upgrade the selection of blockchain-based applications. HTC did not cause any superfluous commotion; it quietly reported the purported distinct advantage in a blog without building up the market with preparatory secrets or promotions. The venture is lead by the maker of Vive, Phil Chen, which is the other radical, specialty item division at HTC.

HTC Exodus will come with the decentralized applications, universal wallet, and advanced security measures for both software and hardware. According to sources, HTC may also create a native blockchain network that will assist the currency transfer among the smartphone users. The native support for different cryptocurrencies will be also available. However, Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, and Dfinity will be among the supported cryptocurrencies. In addition, HTC may also accept cryptocurrency as the payment method for the phone.

As substantiated by The Next Web, the HTC telephone won’t be the first to accompany blockchain technology, with Sirin Labs’ $1000 Finney set to be launched this October. However, HTC really needs it to be something progressive to change the world’s observation about cell phones.


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